Spinning project from sheep to hat

I spun my sheep’s wool on my babe’s production wheel double treadle. I started with a babe’s pinkie single treadle. I love the brand wheel and the owners are really nice. I bought my new wheel  at babe’s fiber garden. I colored my wool with food dye and crocheted it into a hat. The wheel in the picture is my pinkie.

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Essentialdepot Review:Lavender soap


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I purchased  the  starter soap kit from Essentialdepot .The kit includes instructions, 5 ounces of lye, 1 ounce of pure lavender essential oil, 8 ounces of coconut oil, A blend of olive, coconut and castor oils, and a silicone mold. It has optional items such as  stainless steel soap basket, mini DVD instructional video, 4 GB flash drive instructional video. I purchased mine with the wire basket but they forgot to ship it. I did contact them and they sent me it later.

The kit does have almost every thing you will need to make your first soap. Their are some important safety equipment and item that you will need before starting. such as :safety goggles, mask(optional),gloves,mixing bowl ,silicone spatula,stainless steel spoon,lye mixing pitcher,stick blender and a scale. Tips: don’t use with any aluminum , pour lye into water don’t the other way around, always have vinegar on had just in case.

I love the recipes and I recommend you let it sit a couple of day after you unmolding it so it will be more firm to cut. I had no problem with the product and I loved the scent . I added lavender buds to it.


Tony’s Soap

I made salt bars for my love. He is always complaining of having oily skin so I figured it would work  for him.  I made up a recipe of 90% coconut oil and 10% coco butter. Shea butter would work nice to. I made 16 oz of oil for a test and add 8 oz of sea salt. I scented it with Nautica type fragrance oil.

here is tony’s soap recipe but always run your own recipes through soap cal.

I used a cupcake mold that I got goodwill  because I didn’t have bar molds.

Oatmeal milk and honey soap hp updated look included

After watching so many of my favorite You Tuber’s  that make soap I have decided to give it a try and it was addictive. I got the recipe for my soap from soaping101. That’s the link to the video I got it from..I love her so much and  I have learn so much from her. I have tried her recipe and I have done some modification to fit my liking. I used soap cal . It is very useful.

Here are some pictures of my process.

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I have made an update here are the new pictures. I made a honey melt and pour top.