Review-Lancome Click and glow highlighter

I received this highlighter in a voxbox from influenster to review.  the shade I got it in is Lumières De Bronze – rich amber bronze. the shade is too dark for my skin tone but I tried it anyway. I like the applicator and the consistency of the product. I found it easy to use. It was designed to be used on the go and it works.

I use my finger to apply it and just use a little so I don’t make it look muddy on my pale skin. The color is beautiful and would look great on a deeper skin tone. the product gathers a little around texture on my skin but most glitter highlighters do that.

I liked the product and would buy a shade that that fits me.

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Review- Julep Polish

I got this julep polish in the mail the other day.  I have never owned a Julep polish or anything from julep beauty.  The color is Diane and it is a deep green polish. I like the consistency and coverage. I applied two coats and it was good to go.  I don’t mind dark colors so this might be a color that I would buy. I love that they are a 5 free nail polish company. I would love to try more from them as in polish, skincare, and makeup. If jane park is reading I would love to try more.

Review – Splat Naturals Semi-Permanent Hair Color

I am got to start off by telling you that my natural hair color is blond. It is an ashy blond as of late with all the gray hairs and I don’t get that much sun or it would be lighter.  I don’t mind dying my hair different color but I do have a lot of hair. It is currently down to my butt. so I do find it hard to sample all hair dyes in general. I only dyed the bottom half of my hair (from top of my ears down).

I received 6 oz of Splat Naturals Semi-Permanent Hair Color in the color red free for review. I found that it smelled like fresh smashed rose petals. its an earthy green scent. I grow roses, so I am familiar with the scent.

I found the squeeze bag to be hard to use out of. I recommend getting a bowl just for dye. The application is messy but not much more than other dyes like it. with ist being a more natural dye you need more time for the dye to take to the hair. I had only three washes of bleeding and that was not bad at all for red dye. I did make a mistake you need to wash your hair with cool water and it been in the 40 and 50 here so I didn’t follow that part.


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Product selling points:

  • 95% Natural Formula
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Contains Baobab and Quinoa extracts to condition hair
  • No Bleach
  • No Ammonia
  • No Fragrance
  • No Parabens
  • No PPD
  • No Resorcinal
  • No Sulfates


let’s talk about  the pros and cons


  • easy to use
  • awesome colors and choices of color
  • no harsh smells
  • free of chemicals


  • Time-consuming
  • messy application
  • doesn’t last long
  • stains everything
  • cold showers if you want it to last longer

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I was a little disappointed that they have seven different colors but they only did a sampling for two of them. I would have loved to try the purple one more. My choices were red or teal. I do like the color even if it doesn’t last and it took some time to do. I would do it again, just better and in the summer.

The Quilting Company


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I started drawling at the age of three. I developed my art style over the years and tried different kinds of art.

In middle school, they sent me to a tech school because of my learning disability. I took cosmetology, typing and dabbled in the culinary. I was in the orchestra for a short time but had to switch out for the gym.

With my learning disability, I didn’t find school to be easy or enjoyable. I survived high school by signing up for many art classes that I could. Many classes included: drawly, photography, painting, ceramics, web development, culinary art/business. In school, we developed our own black and white photos at the time 35 mm was easy to find. At that same time at home, I was developing my skills in crochet and cross-stitch along with sewing.

after high school, I attended a technical school again, This time just culinary arts and commercial cooking. I didn’t enjoy that time very much, I was pressed to take that class over auto mechanics or computers. my mother thought a girl shouldn’t do that kind of work.

I worked for eight years as a cook and decided that I want to try digital design and animation. that’s when I learn to use Adobe suite and fell in love with a Wacom drawing pad. I also got to use an apple computer. I dropped out of school because I  lost my job and fell into depression.

Since losing my job I have learned to make soap, knit, spin yarn, dye yarn, and enjoy life. I also learn to work for myself and promote what I love.

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Review-CBD Products test Green Roads

I am a person who suffers from anxiety and pain daily. I have heard that CBD can help with both with little to no side effects. I was on a medication before and it wasn’t working. so, here are some products that I have tried and what I think of them.

first, I have tried some products from a company called Green Roads. they provide many different kinda of CBD product and I tried quite a few of them. the company is located in my state and is available at local gas stations and head shops. the products they make are Hemp Derived CBD and Non-Detectable THC.

They have many different products such as:

CBD Oils, Edibles such as (gummy bears, candies, froggies), Topical Creams, Capsules, Concentrates, Syrups, Beverages such as (coffee and tea).


The first one I tried was the Daily Dose Blueberry CBD Terpenes. I like the flavor more than others but it didn’t have the amount of CBD that I need. The terpenes are one of the more cheaper products that they offer.

The ingredients included: Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 7 MG, Kosher-Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Blueberry OG Terpenes


The second product I have tried from them was another  Daily Dose in 1000mg.  I wanted a full bottle of this but it wasn’t in my price range.

The ingredients included: Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 33 MG, Hemp Seed Oil, Kosher-Grade Vegetable Glycerin, Lecithin, Proprietary Terpene Blend


The last CBD oil product that I have tried was the 250mg CBD oil. I like this one. I have used the whole bottle and it was in my price range. I am very likely to buy another when I get more money.

The ingredients included: Broad Spectrum CBD Oil 250 MG, Hemp Seed Oil, Kosher-Grade Vegetable Glycerin

I would like to note that all CBD oils are administered under the tongue. the best way to get CBD in the blood system I believe is vaping but I haven’t tested it yet.


The very last product that I have tried from GreenRoads was a tea. I tried a single serving of the CBD camomile tea.  I tried this before bed and I was sleeping in no time. I would love to be able to drink this tea every night. The tea was good and It helped me sleep.

The ingredients included: 55MG of CBD, Organic chamomile loose leaf tea, flowers and powder, vanilla and peppermint, agricultural hemp.

Inclusion I have high hopes for this company and their products. I have tried and enjoyed many of there products and will in the future. all product posted above were bought with my own money and link are provided to each product on GreenRoads web page.

If greenRoads is reading I wouldn’t mind trying more of your products and I have dogs if you would like me to review products for them.

If any company out there would like for me to review their products please email me. my email is on the contact page.

Deep thoughts with Dreamstar1666- If I won a billion dollars/million dollars

With the popularity of the on twitter and the Megamillion jackpot hitting  $1.60 billion. It has me thinking about what I would do with the money.

here is a list of thing I would do and buy:

  • A House with land- I currently live in an 800sq ft house with one other person and three dogs and two of them are large. my dogs don’t have enough space to be free in the house. I don’t have room for a couch or dining table. I would like to start a homestead so that I can have my own fiber source and milk every day. I love raising baby animals and would like to have my own horse with a barn.
  • A car- I haven’t had a car to go places on my own for seven years.  I miss driving anywhere I want and just shop on my own time.
  • Start a family- I have been wanting a family for a while now but I haven’t had space or money to support one. I would like to adopt and or foster some children. There are so many children and groups of children looking to be adopted in my state.
  • Vacation/Travel- I have only been to three states and one country other than where I live. I would like to take a road trip around the USA before doing all the other things on my list. I would like to go to the UK and Germany. My great grandparents were Germans. I also have some roots in the UK and I love doctor who.
  • Donate time and money- I have had a lot of losses to cancer, so I would donate to one of those charities and maybe visit strangers in hospice. I survived many years of schooling by my love of art and science so I would love to donate supplies and money to my local schools and maybe some in the state. We have a school here for the disabled and I would like to help them out also.
  • To give to family- my mother has had it hard life and she is alone since my father passed. I would like to get her a home near all of her kids and see she is taking care of. I would give some money to my uncle he has always been there for my family when my father could not. I would also like to help my sister out we have always been close and she has more student debt than me. Of course, I would help my other sibling also.
  • start a business- I would love to start a business that I enjoy doing . maybe one of my hobbies that will make money or enough to support its self.
  • A comfortable bed king size preferred- I have had the hardest time sleeping on my hand me down bed. I wake up in more pain than I went to sleep in. I would like a good adjustable bed with enough room so I don’t feel crowded. I don’t want to feel someone moving next to me. I would like a king or California king.

Here are some little things that would like but may not need.

  • go out to a sit-in restaurant on a none birthday/anniversary day. There are so many restaurants I have not tried.
  • go back to school but not for a degree. I would like to take some classes for writing,  art, and computer.
  • I would like a good homemade meal that has homegrown herbs and produce.
  • I would like to get my hair cut and dyed. I haven’t had anyone cut my hair in four years. I would like to try crazy colors in my hair.
  • have my nails and toes done and painted
  • I would like to have a skincare and makeup collection. I would like fx makeup collection.
  • learn new skills and practice my current skills

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My mother has had HughesNet for a few years now and I have had the privilege of using it. My mother is on a fixed income, living in the country in the sunshine state. It rains very often and we have hurricanes.

HughesNet is an internet and voice service provider that is broadcast through satellite. at this time they offer 10 to 50 GB plans for the internet. The prices range from $59 to $69. The voice is $29 and international cost extra. you get Caller ID, Call Waiting, Voicemail.


  • It available anywhere you have a sky.
  • at this moment they offer free installation.
  • they provide you with everything you need for their service.
  • they claim to have faster speeds
  •  paperless
  • They offer Bonus Zone which is a period of time from 2am-8am you get more speed.


  • it satellite so if its cloudy or raining you have no internet or phone
  • they have a cap on internet use. If you use passed your allowance, speeds are reduced
  •  the price is too high for someone on a fixed or low income
  • you have to have a 2-year contract
  • you can’t do any video or large uploading or your whole months internet will be slow

I found that the first week of service to be that fastest after that it has snail pace. you can not watch youtube or stream Netflix even on the higher costing plans. they say its unlimited but they have caps on speed after your plan is reached. I would not recommend if you can help it.