Find Me playing Minecraft

I am a big modded Minecraft player. I play mod pack and I hand-pick some of my favorite mod to play in my own packs. I love playing on servers and vanilla as well. I am hoping in the near future to have my own lets play videos but i don’t know if i have everything that it take to do that. You can find me by the link below.It has all the servers that I get on and my user name.


Review: Reusable kcups

I find that buying k cup coffee to be pricey so I got some reusable  k cup off of amazon. They are cute and useful.This set is for the 2.0 version but I don’t  need the bigger cup. The lid was acting up but once you put it in the machine it stayed put. I love that it comes with more than one. I hate when I go to make tea and it has the funny taste of coffee to it. It says it is good for hot chocolate but I haven’t try that out. There are four of the purple cups but I had used one and it was in the sink drying.


You can find them on amazon #rstoyours